Employment Tribunal Defence

Since the scrapping of Employment Tribunal Fees, the number of claims made to the Employment Tribunals have risen significantly. If your case is well prepared, you stand the best chance of getting the best outcome and minimising the fees you have to spend on defending the claim.

Here is what we see as being the important factors to help you get the best result if you get an Employment Tribunal Claim:

  • The ability to respond quickly if you get a claim. Deadlines in the Tribunal process are tight and missing deadlines has serious consequences. We ensure our response times are quick to allow plenty of time for preparation, reducing the stress for you and making sure the process is smooth and the defence is well prepared.
  • Having a plan. Even if you have had experience of a Tribunal claim, each claim is different. We will get to understand the claim from the outset, explain the process and understand what you want to do. We will then prepare a plan, agreed with you, so we are all clear on what will happen. We will manage each stage of the claim for you in accordance with the plan. This ensures everyone is on the same page. Of course things can and do change, so there can always be a Plan B.
  • Ensure you know all the options available to you. Some advisers try and set the agenda for claims. We want to make sure you get the best result for your business. In some situations you may want to fight the claim, other times you may want to settle. With any claim, we will evaluate your prospects of success and give you the options available with the associated risks and costs. You can then make the best decision for your business.
  • Making sure you know what is happening. We give regular and easy to understand updates on the progression of your claim. By being proactive, it reduces the stress for you and you will know how things are progressing at any given stage.
  • Keep it simple. Advisors often use complicated or technical jargon. Our advice will be simple, easy to understand and include commercial options.
  • Ensuring that the fees you will pay are transparent and clear. Once we have assessed the claim, we will give you a clear quote at the start of the matter. You will receive a discount on our fees if you buy one of our support packages.


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